Exploring Legends
Cahangan Road Trip - Alexandria
A journey to explore legendary cities

Events 2015

Exploring legends

We started a journey to explore legendary cities, starting our engines in latin america and driving through it, finally reaching to Africa, Egypt where we were astonished by its beauty, amazed by an ancient civilization, and welcomed by the hospitality of Egyptians.

Cairo - Alex Road Trip

We invited our valued CS 35 owners to our ‘Road Trip’ event that kicked off at Cairo drove off to Alexandria. Our invitees enjoyed their luxurious and comfortable drive towards the gathering that included Egyptian and Chinese representatives from Changan; who held interesting and stimulating business presentations. The presentations were followed by a fabulous dinner and a test drive for the eagerly awaited ‘Changan V7’.

Heliopolis club spring event

We are always keen to share happiness with our clients, and thus we sponsored the ‘Heliopolis club’ spring event held in the club to celebrate the beauty of spring with the attendees, where we displayed our strong CS 35, and our amazing Benni Mini.

Changan in North coast

We are always happy to serve our clients regardless of their place, so we packed our bags and headed up to the North coast setting a maintenance service center at the Total gas station located near Marina gate 5, along with displaying our strong CS 35 and our amazing Benni Mini at Zahran mall.

Automech 2015

We were happy to receive the Changan ambassadors in our Maintenance center in Abu Rawash, where we celebrated their visit and thanked their loyalty their cars were being handled by our professional teams.

Wide range ambition
Automech-Formula 2015

We were honored to receive a flood of spectators in the Automech-Formula 2015 in our Changan display booth. Spectators participated in our activation ‘Ask an experimenter’ where we chose not to speak about our cars and let our valued ‘Changan cars owners’ speak about their successful and pleasing experiences with Changan cars along with answering spectators’ questions.

Events 2014

Launching ambition
In 2014 we executed events launching our ambition across Cairo.

Our first event was Automech-Formula 2014, where we displayed the CS 35, the EADO XT and the Benni Mini in a booth that was crowded by spectators. Last but not least, we were honored by the visit of the minister of transportation who viewed our booth.[Read More] Our second event was the Dandy mall road show, which was a social media driven event, where we asked the participants to take a look at the CS 35, take a picture with what they like most about it and send it to our official page, where all the pictures were posted. Afterwards the picture of the participant with most likes (38,500 likes) won a version of the latest iPad then. Our third event was the CS 35 sales training held in ‘Sheraton Dream’ by the Arab motors trading company sales team for 40 sales representatives, from 9 different dealers who attended the training. They enjoyed the CS 35 through a test drive, all wrapped up with a dazzling dinner buffet at the end of the training.